Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Were Back 2011

Were back after a 2 year hiatus. I promise to blog at least once a week. We are 74 days out until Nates 4th Birthday. This past weekend he graduated from Pre-K and is going onto the next class where he will learn some German. I found out Sat the 11th as well I was accepted to PSU to finish my bachelor’s degree.   School is out for us this summer. Trav and I are taking the summer off and spending time with nate as the fall will be intense. We have 2 camping trips booked and time at the beach with Binks and Papa. Work is going strong for me I have been here almost 7 years and Trav has been at OHSU for 11 now. We are coming up on the 5yr anniversary of our home and life is going grand!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Where did the last 4 months go?

OMG Some one pinch me...Wow where has the last 4 months go? Nate turned 2 in August and had a huge party! Labor Day had old friends out for a BBQ. September was our 11 year anniversary. October was Binkey and Papas move to Oregon ( we are almost done with the UN-packing).. We also went to see the dentist and got a clean bill of health in Oct.  Nate and myself and Binkey also went to see Disney on Ice. Nate loved it!  Halloween was here and Nate was Darth Vader he was more interested in going into the houses than asking for candy. He has a new favorite candy now (Reese's Peanut Butter Cups)..Nov was filled with the public wait of the dreadful H1N1 shot for Nate and trav and my folks. It was our Birthdays and we had adult night out with our friends Casey and Aaron which was a blast. Nate is doing well school is going good for him he is starting to talk really well and putting sentences together. We are making good progress in trying different foods. Nate also moved to a Big bed this month. So far he has not gotten up once to play or try to get out. He waits for us in the am in bed with Elmo!! He is a blessing!

This week we are getting ready for Turkey Day 34 people and two households combined for dinner then SHOPPING!!!! . We can't wait to visit with our friends and family. Looking forward to Black Friday and some R&R time away from work.Last night I got the chance to see new moon after our neighbors convinced Travis and I we could be Twilight fans. We love it so I went to see new moon. LOVED IT!!

Tater Hugs and Tater Kisses ! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh my it's JULY!

So it has been a month since we posted and tons are going on.. Papa and Grandma will soon be moving to Oregon. My mom is unemployed and ready to leave Las Vegas!! So we are very excited for this!!!

July has been a fun filled month so far. We have traveled a bit and July 2-5th we headed to LA for a family reunion and got to see Grandma Gigi and Grandpa Al along with Papa and Grandma Roberta. We also got to visit lots of cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Travis and I took a day to head to Disneyland for a day of adult fun. It was nice to go back and ride some of the rides we missed last Thanksgiving. It was great to also see cousins from FL we have not see in 25 years. Nate loved swimming in Grandma Gigi pool and playing with all his cousins. Next time we will need to stay longer!

July 13th we had Nate's 6 month heart check up at OHSU and we got a clean bill of health and along with that we get to wait a year until his next visit with the cardiologist. Nate fought all the meds during his appt so he had to be put to sleep. Nate is a very tough cookie. He was a wild child once he woke up. You would never think he was put out that day. He had so much fun riding on the dump truck in the backyard as daddy pulled him.

This weekend we rented a house at the beach and will be taking P and Lou Lou for a weekend of Beach fun. I am still in summer school and we are both working full time and busy with month end coming quickly. July has been busy and Aug Nate turns two and we are so excited for a Big Party for Nate! Look for new posts and pictures!

Nater Tater Hugs and Kisses


Monday, June 1, 2009

First Day of June!

So as summer approaches we are gearing up for a Nate's first camping trip and a flight to LA to head to Disney and a family reunion. Grandma and Papa were here and they had a ball. We clelebrated his 70th and was truly amazed that there was a surprise party awaiting for him that Ron Steen put together. In the Health Dept we have been dealing with Travis Kidney scare and Nates possible Ear Infection. July is when we go back for Nates next heart appt so I will become a nervous wreck after Disney. We are waiting for the final pictures from the family photo session and will be posted soon. Nate is now obsessed with ELMO or as he calls it Nelmo. Nate has been waking up and first words are " Hi - Melmo". We have watched Elmos world almost 20 times. He has his favorite songs "Friends , Friends, Friends and ABC'S. He is vocabulary is expanding at a fast rate. He answers questions and really seems to tell you what he wants. In 2 months he will be 2.. I can't believe it. My little monk is growing up.. Within the next 3-4 weeks party planning will begin. We are thinking of renting a bouncy house and just doing a big back yard BBQ with face painting and a fishing for thank you for coming gifts.. My modo you must celebrate every birthday BIG!! Must top last years Gymboree Party!! Other than that June will be a month filled with firsts ..keep a watch oN FB for daily and weekly pictures!!


Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22 2009

Today is an amazing day. We are 4 days from Nate being 21 months.. My Mom and Dad are here visiting. Today Dad is 70 and looks great. His arthritis is bugging him but the pain meds and diet peach green tea keeps him happy.Nate is also trying to count to 10 we have down we just need to fill in the blanks. He also has now started with the " Mine " phase everything is mine.. He has become a total fan of Elmo and have allowed him to watch elmo on the DVD before bed.. well now Elmo has to be on all the time..... This weekend we will get to catch up wit family and old friends and have fun. Tonight is Dinner at Mama Mia's downtown
Sunday his long friend Rom Stein is throwing him a surprise party at Clyde's Prime Rib. Other than that we are 2 weeks out form Nate's first camping trip to Beverly Beach. We are going with Travis Aunt and Uncle for Gelene & Rick for her 30th Birthday..This month as well we found out that Nate is allergic to Strawberries.. poor little guy got hives.. We also started swim lessons at BAC so Saturday am @ 9:30 you can find us at the pool... We also had a family photo session with Annie. She is an amazing photographer. You can view her work here. We are still waiting for a preview and can't wait to share them with everyone. We all hope everyone has the rest of a great May!

Tater Hugs and Kisses!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

First week in April!!!

It's the second week in April and so far this month has been busy . This past weekend we headed to Big Eddy which is between Vernonia and St. Helen's right on the Nehalem river. Our friends Tacy and Devon and Mariah were camping so we went out to fish and play. We brought a apple pie and it was eaten all up. Nate got to play with Boe who is 13 months as well. The boys had fun in the sand and swinging on the swings. Sunday we met the Lang Family at the zoo. We got to reconnect with Aaron, Casey and got to meet Reese who is 3 months old. We all had a great time at the zoo. Nate loved the polar bears. The big Elephant scared him he was on Daddys shoulders and was not a happy camper once the Big Elephant was coming towards us. This weekend we are heading back to the zoo for the easter egg hunt with Uncle Cory and Aunt Coral and Raylee and Destiny. Sunday on Easter we are going to see Aunt Gelene and Uncle Rick and the rest of the family. Grandma Shirlene is on her way right now from North Dakota to come visit for the week. I am back in school until June then I am taking the summer off for all our family trips.So far April has been a great month .. Hugs and Tater Kisses!

Love ,
The Hutchens

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Last Week of March!

Hallo All,

Wow March went by so so fast. This month we had a visit by Grandpa and Grandma Berk. Nate is doing so well in his new school. He has learned so many words and has brought home 5 cool art projects. This month we did ok in the health dept.... we managed only to have stomach issues while mommy had strep 2 times for almost 15 days in counting. We experienced new things this month we went to the children's museum and worked with clay and played with all sorts of different things... Nate even tried Grocery shopping.

Nate also visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory where he sampled cheese and has his first kids cone of Vanilla ice cream! It was a fun day.

Last night we also broke out the Play dough... NOT A GOOD IDEA... I have now a blue stain in my carpet... He also tried eating it along with the beagles trying to grab it off his new little table set from Ikea.....This week I go back to school for 11 weeks then off for the summer. We are looking forward to the coming week of dying Easter eggs and headed to the zoo for the big Easter egg hunt along with brunch at aunt Gelenes. We love you all and thanks for checking our Blog out! Until Next Month ..Tater Kisses and Hugs From Hutchens Family